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Rules for good photography 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
We absolutely LOVE seeing great photography on Yiuco. We know that our shoppers get inspired by beautiful imagery, plus it helps to build your brand identity and emphasises how amazing your product is, too. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, on location or in a studio, the best place to shoot your imagery is totally up to you. We do have a few things you need to think about before snapping, though. Please don’t use:

  • Stark lighting: We want your shots to look as real as possible – try to shoot in natural light or, if you have to lift the shots, keep any artificial lighting as natural-looking as possible
  • Too much editing: Don’t over retouch or add harsh filters, borders or watermarks to your shots. We also don’t allow collages – images should contain only one shot
  • Images which don’t make it clear what is being sold: For example, when shooting jewellery please don’t stack/layer items – it must be explicitly clear which item is up for grabs in your listing

What is promoting a Shop? 2016-05-26T16:32:25+00:00

Promoting your Shop gives the option to pay to feature on some high traffic pages of Υiuco Marketplace. It is a highly effective way to give your boutique visibility on these popular pages.

How do I get noticed on Yiuco? 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
The best way to get noticed around the site is to ensure that you have a really well thought out shop  and have the best product imagery that you can possibly have. It is great to try to develop a brand identity through your imagery which means customers will start to recognise your products and your boutique. Great imagery gets featured around the site as we want to present the best to our customers, so don’t underestimate the difference between an average image and a clean and bright shot in a way that shows it off to its best advantage.
How do I promote my Shop? 2016-05-26T16:22:27+00:00

At Yiuco Marketplace we encourage all Stores to link to social media accounts, this enables boutiques to promote to their network and also drive traffic to their boutique. If you are posting any relevant content on your Social Media accounts be sure to tag @Yiuco”.

You can also promote on the most popular pages of the site. By doing so you can put your Shop  in front of the Marketplace customers and open your Shop up to a whole new audience.

How much does it cost to have a Shop on Yiuco? 2016-05-26T16:08:31+00:00

A Shop on Yiuco  Marketplace is charged as  20  € once and for ever.

Shop reviews management 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
“Comments” section is available for each vendor.
Clicking on “Comments”, vendors can access to all the reviews about the product they own, acting with the same freedom of the store administrator, approving, modifying and disapproving each of these.



Shop Coupons 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
In the “Coupons section”, vendors can create many coupons as they want about the product they own and offer them to users.



Shop Commissions 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
Vendor can refer to the complete list of received and owed commissions any time in “Commissions” section of reserved area.


Commissions are paid based on methods chosen by the administrator

Shop sales report 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
“Sales reports” allows vendors to view any time the report concerning products associated to theme. Reports available are:

Order report
Commisions report
Stock management report




Shop’s orders management 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
Any order with one or more products related to a vendor, is available to vendors in their own reserved area.


Furthermore, if vendor side refund management is enabled, it is possible to apply a refund on the selected order.


Shop Vacation mode 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
The “Vacation” tab available in the “Vendor details” section of the vendor can be activated .

Vacation Mode is to be used when you are taking some time away from your boutique so that you can communicate to your customers that you are taking a break. Enter a brief message to replace your normal Shop Announcement while you are away. While your store is in holiday mode customers will not be able to buy your items. To return from Vacation Mode, simply select Turn Off Vacation  Mode in  Dashboard.


Vendor can show a message to all users for a time limit. Message is shown in vendor details page.

07-16 (1)

During this period, vendors can decide whether to continue selling their products, or preventing from purchase them. The latter will remove the “Add to Cart” button on every vendor’s product, even if these will be available in catalogue mode, but removed from the “Shop” page.

Shop Frontpage 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
In “Frontpage” section vendor can add or change all the information shown in vendor details page of the site.



Shop’s settings and payments 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
Vendor settings
In “Vendor Settings” vendors can change the main information about their own profile.


vendor can set it in “Payments” section of his/her reserved area.


In addition to change payPal address to receive commissions, vendor can also choose to receive the amount outright when the order is completed or after reaching a certain quantity of commissions.


How do I manage my products? 2017-04-19T08:39:51+00:00
Once you become a vendor you have your  dashboard for  yours Store management.

Vendor can create new products and change the current ones in “Products” section.


Products that have been created will  be published  but will not be published immediately with no permission from the adiministrator.


The vendor will have to send to administrators each new product added for an inspection  and the publication.


In this case, until site administrator doesn’t publish it, the product is in “pending” status.


How do I customise my Shop? 2017-04-19T08:39:52+00:00
You can customise  various elements;
• Shop  storefront
• Logo
• Showcase of items
• About Us profile
• Social networks
• Listings
This is a great opportunity to really sell yourself to customers and get across your brand message. Your Shop storefront should represent your brand and what you are selling in your Shop in a clear and concise way, we advise that you use one strong image and your logo. Contact us if  you want any feedback or assistance.
What are the shop features? 2017-04-19T08:39:52+00:00
Each shop has a unique store front which is fully editable and allows you to build your own branded area within Yiuco. Shops can link their storefront to their social channels in order to market themselves to their network.
Shops can also sent us post for Yiuco blog, which is great for engaging and inspiring customers while telling them more about them.

Any vendor’s products are featured in our edits, onsite features and across our social channels. They also have the opportunity to promote themselves on key category and homepages to drive traffic directly to their store.
All shops appear in the Shops Directory where customers can filter by type to only view what’s relevant to them.

What are the criteria for having a shop? 2017-04-19T08:39:52+00:00
To have a Shop you must be an upcycler.
Quality Shop imagery is really important to Yiuco and is a key sales driver .
Shops must also provide customer service. Failure to do so could result in your boutique being removed from Yiuco .
Do I have a contract with Yiuco marketplace? 2016-05-26T09:37:51+00:00

You are not tied into any formal contract with Yiuco. You pay your subscription once and it is your responsibility to maintain your shop on Yiuco.
If you are having any issues or require any assistance, , email us and we can provide any help required.

How do I become a vendor? 2017-04-19T08:39:52+00:00
A new vendor registration can occur in two different ways:
• in “My Account” page for those users who aren’t registered in the shop

• in “Become a vendor” page for those users who are already registered

• Name: name of the vendor (it is displayed in product detail page).
• Description: description text for the vendor’s shop (it is displayed in the tab “Vendor” in product detail page).
• Vendor Shop Owner: owner of the shop to be associated to current vendor; owners can manage products, information about their shop and view the list with received commissions. The field is mandatory as it is necessary to create a valid shop. If no owner is set for the shop, this will be disabled and products won’t be showed to users.
• Paypal Email Address: PayPal email address of the vendor.
When the vendor’s profile has been created, user who is indicated as “Shop Owner” could have access to the reserved area by inserting his/her registration credentials.
User, after registration, can have access to his/her own reserved area by inserting the username (acquired from the pair “Owner First Name” and “Owner Last Name”) and password.


How do I start a shop on Yiuco? 2017-04-19T08:39:52+00:00
You must apply to become a vendor on Yiuco . We ask for applications to ensure that our Shops are of a certain standard. Yiuco Shops will comprise of key emerging design talent, groundbreaking independent labels and boutiques, and the finest vintage selections.
To open a shop you must first apply. Once your application has been reviewed we will respond to you within 3 working days. We may request further information or imagery to ensure that your shop is right for Marketplace and will therefore have a successful selling experience. We reply to all applications.
What types of products are available in the Yiuco Marketplace? 2016-05-26T09:23:50+00:00

The Yiuco Marketplace currently offers only upcycled products

What is the Yiuco Marketplace? 2016-05-26T09:22:30+00:00

The Yiuco Marketplace is an online marketplace that enables vendors to offer their upcycled products to Yiuco customers around the world.

What are the benefits of the Yiuco Marketplace? 2016-05-26T16:15:26+00:00

The Yiuco Marketplace is a platform to better serve our customers and upcyclers. This will improve existing experiences and make it easier to search, purchase, and deploy a wide range of upcycled products in just a few clicks.