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Pink Plastic Rolls Chains Handmade UPCYCLED FASHION NECKLACE



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TRASH4FLASH is introduced and positioned in the Greek jewellery market as a sustainable fashion Brand, based on the originality of innovative, one of a kind, concept designs. Our vision is to highlight the power and beauty of slow fashion accessories and promote an ethical consuming approach. Sustainability is our philosophy and so sourcing and material stocking is achieved through the process of hunting for premium quality discarded stock from the market industry.

Our exclusive jewellery is handmade projecting a dynamic attitude. All product lines are addressed to women of a creative, forward stance who seek to impress and stand out. Athens, Greece


FULL LINE COLLECTION ROLLIN AROUND Fashion necklace created from upcycled plastic rolls dressed in colorful theme paper Chain measures: 15cm each side from design Extension chain measures: 3cm Design measures: 15cm Design: One of a Kind