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All about upcycling

Yiuco is the place where we develop, ideas and actions   concerning   the exploitation, upgrading of transformation of “useless” or waste materials and products into new materials or products of better quality or better environmental value. This is Upcycling, a cyclical economy, is the effort to minimize losses by closing the circle of materials and energy.

Is achieved through long lasting design, maintenance, repair, reuse and remanufacturing. Creates jobs, saves resources, prevents waste and protects the environment.

Our goal is to inform, educate and organize actions with your participation. To think, design and create new, longer-lasting products that will be recycled more easily and reused instead of ending up as waste.

Upcycle at Home This Summer

Our experts review some of this year’s hottest tips for upcycling at home this summer


Expert advice and in-depth features for upcycling


Crea-re Studio used wooden clothespins, actually re-used wooden clothespins, in order to design these rustic lamps. The wooden lamp shades are made from a metalic cylinder frame complete with

The Hive

Kristiina Lahde is a Canadian artist who transforms old telephone books into complex architectural structures. Using patterns borrowed from nature, Lahde creates modular sculptures that emulates the structure

The rocking horse

Upcycled street art, trafic signs, tyres, handlebar and other bike parts.   by Kalbut Design   via