A colander as a pendant lamp

If you have extra colanders in your kitchen cupboards, turn them into lighting fixtures! For this repurposing project, grab a colander tinker with the wiring and attach it to a rod for pendant lighting. If you have plenty of space, you can make a colander chandelier using around four or more colanders an unusual and fun lighting option!

– Colander
– A pendant light kit
– Dremel tool with cutting wheel
– Safety glasses
– LED light bulb


Turn the colander upside down the way it will hang. Depending on the light kit you got you have two options :
1.The easy one : Drill a hole in the bottom for the wire and insert it.


2. The not so easy one:Note the center and draw a circle just slightly larger than your light bulb plugin. On this line you should cut with the cutting wheel to fit the plugin .The bulb receptor inserts through the hole, then you screw on a plastic ring from the bottom to hold it in place. This is why it matters to cut your hole to the correct dimension so the bulb receptor fits through.

Colander Pendant Light3

Read the instructions of the pendant kit to understand how all the parts fit together. It’s pretty simple


Attach a light bulb socket inside of it.

That’s all that you need to do besides hanging the lamp. Similar lamp can be made of a large salad bowl.


Enjoy !



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