Business Cards; creative recycling projects

Business cards. What a  dime a dozen – most of them go into your wallet and aren’t taken out again until you’re cleaning it out and ready to throw them away!
So why waisting time-paper-creativity-the planet on thinking-printing- giving away business cards?
Make it simpler and greener. Here some great ideas for you!

Blooming card.

Seed packets or cards with seeds embedded in them are a popular eco option, but two ultra-creative takes on this idea caught our eye.

Reuse your previous business cards or write your information on other people’s cards that are useless for you.

Stamp on scraps!

A hand-held rubber stamp imprints your important details on scraps of cardboard, flyers, envelopes, receipts or whatever you might have on hand. Greener and brillient!

Helpful enough? We thought so!


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