Comfy Cargo Chair

Stephan Schulz is the designer behind this Comfy Cargo Chair.
And in case you do wonder, this chair is nothing but a 3D steel frame that let’s you to do the stuffing….


A smart example of green design, since this chair is reducing the production process down to the frame itself, “The ‘Comfy Cargo Chair’ originated from the idea to create a piece of furniture which does not predetermine the surface for the user“, writes the designer.”


” By packing the chair full of personal belongings, the user changes the ‘design’, and thus becomes the creator of an individual piece of furniture. ” Actually, this 8mm rounded steel framework it only becomes a chair when it is fully stuffed with things.


Attention though; is not suitable for people who’d like to move things around their apartment. The frame alone weights 46 pounds (21 kg).

(via: treehugger & studio-stephenschulz)


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