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Yiuco expertise

We can help you develop new products, innovative gifts from your company’s byproducts. From leftovers , scrap or waste materials, we design innovative new products just for you. Reconsider your corporate gifts.

    From banners to bags.

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    Corporate gifts made of packaging.

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    Fabric Leftovers to soft toys

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    Upcycling solutions

    best examples

    A Phonebook dress

    It is one of the most beautiful and elegant dresses that I have ever seen, so I decided to share it with you. If you don’t know the

    Things you can do with sawdust

    This is “50% sawdust”, a project that evolved from the development of a new design method based on material research. It is comming from Kulla Design Studio based

    We have the upcycling solution

    Find partners , find ideas to upgrade your waste

    Upcycling is being used both at product/object level and industrial material level. At both levels upcycling has been increasingly recognized as a promising means to reduce material and energy use. At the industrial material level, McDonough and Braungart (2013,2002), pioneers of industrial upcycling (i.e. the cradle to cradle concept), have advocated radical design innovations for perpetually circular  material reuse as opposed to current recycling practice, which is considered as  down-cycling.

    Upcycling is offering in economic and business terms, on top of the positive environmental impact, and is easy  to impose it as a habit, in the same way as recycling.  It is true that various constraints are associated with the very concept of upcycling: the uncertain availability of the material, the obligation to have a precise plan for the material before it is collected, storage issues, etc. But if these barriers were removed and these constraints intelligently integrated into manufacturers’ processes, nothing would prevent the upcycling trend from turning into a profitable, sustainable industrial approach.

    “the re-invention of human industry is not only within our grasp, it is our best hope for a future of sustaining prosperity.”

    Authors of Cradle to Cradle

    An industrial system that ‘takes, makes and wastes’ can become a creator of goods and services that generate ecological, social and economic value..”