Edible Food Containers

Diane Leclair Bisson is giving vegetables and fruits a new purpose, transforming tomatoes into edible containers.The case is to become the container part of the snack rather that toss it in the trash.


This project is designed to reflect our wasteful habits, an alternative where the package becomes part of the edible content, fewer packages mean fewer waste to dispose or recycle.


Bisson’s Taste No Waste initiative, explored the idea of disposable food products in catering, fast food and schools among other places. The experiment was a success and the customers found the packaging literally to their taste! Bisson partnered with president of Fooda Gionatan Lassandro, an Italian food design association for its debut during the Salone in Milan. They transformed tomatoes into vessels for a variety of dishes, and the project won a Core77 Award for Food Design.


But can this concept become viable for a larger marketplace?


Diane is conducting research to relate the products’ life cycle assessment (LCA) and food safety concerns, so don’t be surprised if in the near future part of the meal is the plate it was served on!

via : Co.DESIGN



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