How do I become a vendor?

A new vendor registration can occur in two different ways:
• in “My Account” page for those users who aren’t registered in the shop

• in “Become a vendor” page for those users who are already registered

• Name: name of the vendor (it is displayed in product detail page).
• Description: description text for the vendor’s shop (it is displayed in the tab “Vendor” in product detail page).
• Vendor Shop Owner: owner of the shop to be associated to current vendor; owners can manage products, information about their shop and view the list with received commissions. The field is mandatory as it is necessary to create a valid shop. If no owner is set for the shop, this will be disabled and products won’t be showed to users.
• Paypal Email Address: PayPal email address of the vendor.
When the vendor’s profile has been created, user who is indicated as “Shop Owner” could have access to the reserved area by inserting his/her registration credentials.
User, after registration, can have access to his/her own reserved area by inserting the username (acquired from the pair “Owner First Name” and “Owner Last Name”) and password.



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