If you are looking for stylish and environmental friendly home decoration, we have Giara lamp for you today. Chiara Goose Gustinelli of McGiver Creative Lab has designed this translucent pendant lamp that has been made from recycled cork combined with natural resin without any use of adhesive or glue to spoil its natural element. This lamp combines direct illumination (a cone of light) and diffused/reflected light, creating unique lights effects using a single bulb. As we read from our source, “cork is one material that has proved to be a big boon for environment and now it’s also used in furniture industry as well as for decoration purposes. Harvested from the cork oak tree, researchers find it to be an ultimate sustainable material as it renews itself every nine years. Furthermore, contrary to harvesting of lumber, cork is extracted from the bark and hence does not harm the tree’s growth in any way. It has been seen that if monitored and extracted scientifically, the same tree can supply cork for few decades to come without affecting the ecosystem any further.” Cork it is then!

via: greendiary


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