Green and brown composting materials

The mixture of materials to be composted should have the proper ratio of carbon-rich materials ( eg leaves , straw and wood chips called ” brown material “) and nitrogen-rich materials (such as mowed grass and plant residues from the kitchen called ” green materials “) .
Mixing different types of materials or changing the ratio can change the speed of degradation . The correct C and N ratio is 20-30 parts of Carbon to 1 part Nitrogen . More amount of Carbon slows down decomposition and more Nitrogen will cause odors .
Generally are allowed the following materials :


But what exactly are the green and brown materials ?

Green material (Nitrogen source)

Is food waste arising from food preparation, such as stalks, leaves, scraps peels, roots, etc. They can participate either raw or boiled (not cooked)That is:
Peels and stalks of vegetables or herbs (eg potatoes, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, greens, etc.)


Residues of salads, drained of water.
Peelings or remnants from fruits (eg watermelons, melons, preferably cut into small pieces, etc.)
Plant residues such as prunings , dry leaves, stems of flower pots, mowed lawn, etc.
Residues of coffee (Greek, filter, espresso)
Residues of preparing beverages and tea bags
Coffe filters
Residues from the garden as flowers, fallen green leaves mowed grass
Manure of herbivores animals

Green and brown

Brown material (Carbon source)

Residues from the garden such as dead leaves, dry twigs or branches from prunings
Wood processing residues (sawdust and shavings)
Eggs only the eggshell
Paper and Cardboard
Straw and hay
Wood chips

There are also materials not be used in composting listed below:

glossy paper
Paper colored or printed with ink
Meat and animal products in general (they attract rodents)
Cooked foods-that is anything contains oils or sauces ( they produce unwanted fermentation, while the oil kills some microorganisms and is degraded very difficult)
Pasta or bread (loaves): Creates solid lumps, do not dissolve easily, causing undesirable fermentations (blue fungi) and attract rodents
Chemicals (herbicides, fungicides, etc.)
Sick leaves or plants and weeds
Animal feces



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