Greenhouse by Joost

Greenhouse by Joost opened its doors few weeks ago at Cambells Cove, Sydney and it will stay there until end of March. After that, a world tour will begin for this  temporary restaurant.
Got confused? Please don’t! Greenhouse is a restaurant designed by Joost Bakker promoting sustainable construction techniques and operational processes.

Actually, is a waste free restaurant believe it or not. Literally, nothing goes to waste.

Everything is recycled or composted and the entire building can be dismantled, recycled or reused.

All organic matter is composted for the rooftop garden.

Water is collected on site and the toilets are water efficient and feature a mini-sink that fills the tank for the next flush.

Food is sourced seasonally from local farmers, delivered in whole form and processed on site.

So, what are you waiting for? Greenhouse by Joost will be in Sydney until the end of March, hurry up!

Next stop for the eco-restaurant will be Milan’s International Furniture Fair! Can’t wait to see it in the neighbour…..

(via: inhabitat, greenhousebyjoost, gourmantic)


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