Here comes the bride….

Everybody will turn “Green with Envy” watching you walking down the isle with this wedding gown. Michelle Brand the designer dehind it, is not a typical wedding gown designer but definitely knows how to design in “green”.

Trailed by a 16-foot train and weighing more than 22 pounds, the gown is the sum of 2,220 recycled plastic-bottle bases, 6,512 plastic-bottle tops, 13,880 tags, and months of tireless labor.

The Brand, Green With Envy is an opportunity to see mass-produced everyday objects differently. Brand’s oeuvre is mostly recycled plastic- bottle chandeliers. The designer said “The work and support of the volunteers has really helped me to design and create a fabulous piece which I hope will make people stop and want to learn more about the process of how it was made”. “If it does this, then it has done what it set out to achieve which is to bring the idea of sustainability to the everyday consumer in a creative and thought-provoking way.”

via: ecouterre


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