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Let Yiuco inspire you to do  marvelous things always wanted

Upcycling, creation out of used materials resulting in a higher quality or value product than the compositional elements, is  a creative, participatory user activity, may offer the experiences of self-expression, group affiliation, special memories and pleasure.

Inherent pleasure in ‘making and doing’ – a sense of being ‘alive’; and being a participant rather than a viewer (Gauntlett, 2011, Frank, 2013)

Sense of accomplishment and pride (Frank, 2013)

Happiness from goal-oriented activities and autonomy: goal-oriented activities=a major contributor to happiness through meta-analysis and comparative studies  (Lyubomirsky, et al. 2005, Sheldon & Lyubomirsky, 2009)

Which Composting method is best for you?

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A colander as a pendant lamp .

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So, did you know how to make an ashtray out of soda can? Have a look.

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Lace of plastic bags

Laura Anne Marsden is a textile designer. Laura,  created a technique for transforming waste plastic bags into lace. She uses a combination of traditional hand-stitch and needle lace-making,

Plastic Bottle Art

Czech artist Veronika Richterová creates incredible plastic bottle art. The artist,  accidentally discovered that plastic bottles could be manipulated by heat. She decided to create a plastic bottle sculpture and

Pallets delirium

A piece of Rainbow just catched my eye. These guys, just took their pallets and make this:   Read more. Read here      


Ok, inspiration time! I 'm going to start making this lamp....Stay tuned. via

The crocheted plastic bags

CROKE. That is the name given by Hugo Ribeiro to this particular woden table. The designer, inspired  by traditional Portuguese stools and the art of crocheting, covered with plastic bags

DIY Smartphone Projector

There's a quick and smart DIY project. Turn a shoe box into a digital Smartphone projector. Matterials Needed: Smartphone Magnifying lens Shoe box Paperclip X-acto knife Black electrical

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