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Let Yiuco inspire you to do  marvelous things always wanted

Upcycling, creation out of used materials resulting in a higher quality or value product than the compositional elements, is  a creative, participatory user activity, may offer the experiences of self-expression, group affiliation, special memories and pleasure.

Inherent pleasure in ‘making and doing’ – a sense of being ‘alive’; and being a participant rather than a viewer (Gauntlett, 2011, Frank, 2013)

Sense of accomplishment and pride (Frank, 2013)

Happiness from goal-oriented activities and autonomy: goal-oriented activities=a major contributor to happiness through meta-analysis and comparative studies  (Lyubomirsky, et al. 2005, Sheldon & Lyubomirsky, 2009)

    Which Composting method is best for you?

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    A colander as a pendant lamp .

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    So, did you know how to make an ashtray out of soda can? Have a look.

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    Make bottle as a lamp!

    Forgotten bottles, wood residue from neighbor's door and reuse project by Design and Innovation DeGross. UTREM LUX is the name of sustainable desing, an innovation where old glass bottles are

    Off duty no more

    Designer and urban archeologist Guilhem de Castelbajac’s with his project  OFF DUTY NO MORE has immortalized the iconic lights of Taxi Signs .  The re-purposing of these  lights

    Solar bulbs made from Plastic Bottles

    A project launched by My Shelter Foundation, a non-governmental organization from the Philippines aims to lighten the homes of financially-challenged people. The idea is quite simple. The  system depends

    Turning Apples Into Energy

    Photographer Caleb Charland Wires Apple Trees, Fruit Baskets and Stacked Coins to Create Alternative Batteries. The artist fastens wires to fruit, coins,trees ,even vinegar  and anything else he can

    From blankets to carpets

    Jo Meesters is a Dutch designer who turns rags to riches..... The designer is cutting up old woolen blankets into floral shapes and with delicate needleworking is forming

    The Printing Dress

    This is the Printing Dress, a dress made out of paper, designed by Asta Roseway, a senior designer at Microsoft Research and Sheridan Martin Small of Xbox. Everything

    A quick one

    The 99 Bottles coatrack by Lina Eenartonyte-Auste is made by melting down old glass bottles. Inspired enough? via: design-milk

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