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Let Yiuco inspire you to do  marvelous things always wanted

Upcycling, creation out of used materials resulting in a higher quality or value product than the compositional elements, is  a creative, participatory user activity, may offer the experiences of self-expression, group affiliation, special memories and pleasure.

Inherent pleasure in ‘making and doing’ – a sense of being ‘alive’; and being a participant rather than a viewer (Gauntlett, 2011, Frank, 2013)

Sense of accomplishment and pride (Frank, 2013)

Happiness from goal-oriented activities and autonomy: goal-oriented activities=a major contributor to happiness through meta-analysis and comparative studies  (Lyubomirsky, et al. 2005, Sheldon & Lyubomirsky, 2009)

    Which Composting method is best for you?

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    A colander as a pendant lamp .

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    So, did you know how to make an ashtray out of soda can? Have a look.

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    Orange Peel Hanger

    News as read in Mocoloco. This is  Orange Peel Hanger, a tool that  aims to re-use kitchen waste. Inspired by traditional Italian customs where peel and other food waste is

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