Lexus Origami Car

It might be old news, but still are great!
This is Lexus Origami Car, a full size car made of recyclable laser cut cardboard sheets.
Ok, someone could tell. But, no it is not just OK, this car drives. For real!

It looks like the  Lexus IS sedan, but the traditional sheet metal, glass and plastics have been replaced 1,700 cardboard sheets.


Lexus, in order to create  Lexus Origami Car, teamed up with London-based LaserCut Works and Scales and Models. It has a a full interior, functioning doors, headlights and rolling wheels and  an electric motor mounted on its its steel and aluminum frame. All 1,7000 sheets are carried  together by a water based wood glue. It took three months to build the Origami car.


Want to know more about it. Read here!




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