London Design Festival

The talk of the town? We prefer to call it the talk of the world, since London Design Festival was discussed a lot this year!

London Design Festival is a unique annual event of design celebration! But this year was a revelation of newness.

Here are some of our favorites we pick up from the web and most of them are exhibits of The Tent, one of the Festival’s shows.

Some of them are made from recycling or upcycling or promoting eco innovations.

Yiuco would like to thank “apartment therapy” and “tree hugger” for being its valuable source of inspiration.

The exhibits shown in this post are:

  1. “Framed” by Stuart Haygart, made from picture frames.
  2. “Growing  Carpet” by Julika Welge.
  3. “Pink Rubber Chair” by Orchard Studio, made from recycled rubber bands.
  4. “Chicken Coop” by Nogg.
  5. “Blow and Roll” installation by Oskar Zieta.

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