While reading these lines, I thought that I have nothing to refrase. Taken from Maezm Studio

“RE_LOVE’ was created in two processes of work under the same title.

For these processes, we collected old furniture and clothes etc,

which we actually used, and we intend to propose method to love these things again.


To love the things again means to add another function to them.

To love the things again here needs be distinguished from recycling.


Though the old and ragged chair in my room will gradually lose a great deal of its original function,

it will hold prevalent value over other new ones through the time and space shared with me.

This chair may carry an image of myself on it, stretching leg to the floor,

or elaborately cherish a reminiscence of a time when I conversed with someone.


Sharing of such time and memory is also a matter of intimacy between me and the thing.


However, regrettably enough, we repeatedly replace the thing for

a new ‘goods’ unconsciously in pursuit of the ‘function’ it provides.


The relationship between a thing and people should be understood as an expression of

‘self love’ on oneself as a result rather than personifying a thing.

The intention is that the act of loving a thing again is engraved as love of one self about the time and space,

and such love be proposed as methodology through ‘RE_LOVE’.


Most clothes and chairs used in the past were collected by

the artists and other relevant parties.

It was designed based on a new method using objects

in which memories remain and original function gone.


The discarded chair once again becomes a comfortable sofa with clothes on top.

Clothes are what enable the chair to play its part.

This is also understood as one’s own past.

As clothes are tangled, memories can be tied up to create a new love.”



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