Products made from recycled materials just launched from IKEA

A new line of “no waste” products have just announced from IKEA.  From kitchen cabinets till vases, IKEA is trying to make sustainable living accessible to the masses by creating products from recycled materials. All products will help you make your home stylish, your wallet happy and of course, the planet greener!


Let’s have a look in the catalog! The ODGER chair is made out of 70% recycled plastic and 30% renewable wood, and it will be on market in 2017. At the same time, KUNGSBACKA kitchen line will be launched; the cabinet doors are made using both  recycled bottles and woodand the entire thing is “99.9 percent recycled,” according to the designer.


Another line of vases will be on shelves in February. As a part of the PS 2017 colection, these vases were made after melting other, imperfect or damaged products from the IKEA’s production line in China. According to designer Iina Vuorivirta,

Despite all vases being mouth-blown in the same mould, they get a unique look because the melted glass is made of various shades of leftover material from the glassworks. The result is due to chance, and unique each time. Just like us humans.











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