Second Life; what an interesting toy….

Martine Camillieri is a visual  artists and author. Pioneer of diversion and recycling, she is  encouraging  people to practice an ecology game as way of living.

Among others, the artist has presented a series of educational installations.

Plastic household bottles are getting upcycled

and turned into other functional objects, like toys.

Giving second chance in products, consumption becomes less important.

Martine Camillieri, has  left the advertising world to start her second life in which consumption becomes less important, it reflects ecology, recycling, biodiversity. Ecology is fun, she claims;  the object does not really exist….it has real interesting when we give a function, emotional, practical or aesthetic in a dimension that is personal to us. Why buy more? By recovering packaging of toys or outdated, you can embellish your everyday life while having fun!

What do you think? Maybe Second life is an interesting game, isn’t it?


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