Emiliano Godoy. He is the designer of the chair above, named ‘snowjob’.

The chair is formed by two main components. The first is a wooden structure partly disassembles by means of stainless steel hardware. The second component is a cover  made using small pieces of post-industrial waste from the candy wrapping industry.  Labels that are misprinted, or which feature incorrect or obsolete information, are recovered and cut into small sections, which are then folded into rectangular pieces and joined to form large surfaces. An internal reinforcement made from post-consumer recycled paper is used to give rigidity and resistance to the labels.

It is manufactured with simple woodworking hand tools for the structure and using only a box cutter for the cover, thus eliminating any impacts from complex or expensive tooling.
For further information please visit designboom and of course Emiliano’s Godoy page!


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