So what is Yiuco?

Does it sound Greek to you? It’s because… it is!

Yiuco, is a Greek word which means piled up clothes and we are using it because everything started from a closet cleanup.

Yiuco popped in the middle of a crisis –mmm, what a coincidence- some time ago. After a good cleanup, a pile of clothes took up a corner waiting for someone to do something with them. Throw them away was definitely NOT an option. Giving them away, was the first option. But not all of them….

How could I get rid of this precious, grey but completely dilapidated sweater? But of course, I thought, upcycling is the answer….And the precious sweater became a cozy pillow for my daughter’s bed.

As days were passing by, I realize that I was not alone. There are many people, many companies, many organizations who prefer instead of trashing the world to reconstruct it.

So let’s get together, I thought!

And Yiuco was born.


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