The Inner life Chair


With the "Inner Life Chair"Martín Azúa explores the integration of natural process in everyday life. The designer explores life inside objects. She first started the research in 1999 with the project Natural Finish, when he

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Hockenheimer stool


If you do not know what to do with your old magazines, here's a great idea coming from German designers NJU Studio. {C}{C}{C}{C}{cke_protected_1} With a little DIY and the help of a kit, you can

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Virtue of blue


Virtue of Blue is the work of the Dutch designer Jeroen Verhoeven that features of 500 butterflies cut from sapphire blue photovoltaic cells. The chandelier is made out of a hand-blown bulb and 4 different

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Skin Collection


Leather scraps. This is what Pepe Heykoop used to cover this unique pieces of furniture of the Skin Collection. The designer used what was leftover from leather furniture companies to cover chairs The collection will

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Biknit chairs


Patricia Urquiola is a  Spanish architect and designer. And this is Biknit, a brand new and above all green series of  chairs and a chaise lounge for Moroso furniture manufacturers.

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Chair D.


A quick and smart for today! Chair D, designed by  Kako.KO Studio for Eurokancom, is a chair that folds down into stool.

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Cardboard city


After the container city we have to present you this life size cardboard city, created by Oupas Design in Portugal.

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How to fill a porthole


Yarnbombing or graffiti knitting or guerrilla knitting is a type of street art which employs colorful knitted cloths rather than paints or other matterials. Artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera decided to go with this technique and fill portholes and other

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Bike lock & hazard light, together?


Safe cycling is a huge part of transitioning to a bike-friendly world, and that means great ideas for lighting and road safety products that don’t weigh down the cyclist. The Signal Lock LED bike lock/light

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