Spray Bouquet


It doesnt smell like flowers, but it doeas smell like upcycling. Hillary Coe presents an original upcycling piece of art. Hillary Coe is an artist who transforms empty grafiti cans into sculptural bouquets. Discarted paint

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Manga Miniature Gardens


Manga Farming planter is really a piece of art. Japanese artist Koshi Kawachi recycles old comic books into miniature vegetable pots. Just plant  your seeds onto your favorite book page and wait.   Just like Jack

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The green PET bottles


Need some summer inspiration for green DIY? We have something pretty and special for you today. Easy and green ideas for decoration and planting, using only PET bottles. What about these hanging vases? Just follow

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Sand Vases


Bou-Toshi is a Japanese game. And is what inspired designer Yukihiro Kaneuchi who created these series of vases made from sand ad resin. The vases are made according to the principal of the game; First,

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Inflatable Planter


Is called "Green Pillow" and is an inflatable houseplanter, sustainable for indoor and outdoor use. Once inflated, it becomes a plant cushion. You can use it on your sofa or outdoors, it is waterproof and

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Wig Vase


This is the Wig Vase, desinged by Tania Da Cruz. Wig Vase is a great combination between a sculpture and vase. Into a human sculptured head, you can store the water. Just put the head

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Eco lantern


This is Eco Lantern and is the perfect example of an object with a double purpose, ideal design in saving  manufacturing cost and materials. Franklin Gaw the designer, though of designing a lantern that could function

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Sky planter


This is a Sky Planter from Fire Escape Farms, a hanging plant system!

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Live screen


Brooklyn designer Danielle Trofe has invented a self-irrigating planter system that does the watering for you!

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Eden lamp


It glows and grows! It is Eden lamp and is been designed by Enzo Berti.

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