Brush hooks


London designer Dominic Wilcox left these paint brushes unwashed and this is what happened! The brushes turned into coat hooks and the result is called "The Brush Hooks", shown at KK Outlet London as a

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A quick one


The 99 Bottles coatrack by Lina Eenartonyte-Auste is made by melting down old glass bottles. Inspired enough? via: design-milk

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Coat Check Chair


Please meet, Joey Zeledon’ s concept chair named Coat Check Chair.

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Twist’ designed by Robert Bronwasser from SMOOL Design Studio is one of the various new hallstands by the Dutch manufacturer Cascando. It can be assembled in two different ways whereby the connecting, solid disc forms

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Hanger collar!


Frederic Top's work, was the first post of the year! Here is another piece of his work, because we love it! This collar is made of clothes-hangers and silicones. It turns a material that is seen

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