Chairs of recycled fabric


Orlando Dominguez from  Gin Art & Design created these amazing pieces of furniture out of re-purposed fabrics and hides.

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Biknit chairs


Patricia Urquiola is a  Spanish architect and designer. And this is Biknit, a brand new and above all green series of  chairs and a chaise lounge for Moroso furniture manufacturers.

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Chair D.


A quick and smart for today! Chair D, designed by  Kako.KO Studio for Eurokancom, is a chair that folds down into stool.

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An object is no longer being used for its original purpose in life! That purpose has expired and I have recreated a beautiful 'something else'. These are the exact words of  Katie Thompson the founder

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Twist’ designed by Robert Bronwasser from SMOOL Design Studio is one of the various new hallstands by the Dutch manufacturer Cascando. It can be assembled in two different ways whereby the connecting, solid disc forms

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Moss in a Pot!


Jeanette Ramirez is a Barcelona-based artist, who is experimenting with moss for quite a while. She started by collecting moss around the city, reproducing it using beer and yoghurt, and covering ugly holes in old walls.

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Ka Lamp


Making products that can be quickly disassembled for easier recycling is an important part of green design, and this wooden lamp by Daniel Garcia Sanchez is a good example of this. The parts in the picture

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Lost in a sofa


Living in small spaces? You do not know where to store your stuff? A Japanese architect -Daisuke Motogi- got inspired and gave the sollution named "Lost in Sofa"! Lost in Sofa is a couch designed so that

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