Worn as a scarf…


"Scarfty" lamp is been designed by the ukranian design studio decorkuznetsov. The lamps are sweater like knits made out of peruvian wool, wrapped around a steel ball structure. Each of the lights are knit with a

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Off duty no more


Designer and urban archeologist Guilhem de Castelbajac’s with his project  OFF DUTY NO MORE has immortalized the iconic lights of Taxi Signs .  The re-purposing of these  lights as interior lamps lends a second life

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The Hive


Kristiina Lahde is a Canadian artist who transforms old telephone books into complex architectural structures. Using patterns borrowed from nature, Lahde creates modular sculptures that emulates the structure of a honeycomb, cross-referencing the social behaviours

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The lilliputian lamp


How can a lamp made out of 20,273,260 dentist cups be a Lilliputian one? Well, quite easily. The Liliputian lamp is a fine example of upcycling. Or else how to transform abundant quantity of waste

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This is the GreenLantern, a colorful LED lamp with a built in planter, made out of a new material called Liquid Wood. Designed by Romolo Stanco, developed by NuDe the GreenLantern is available in a

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If you are looking for stylish and environmental friendly home decoration, we have Giara lamp for you today. Chiara Goose Gustinelli of McGiver Creative Lab has designed this translucent pendant lamp that has been made

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Pendant Lamps From Strips of Old Cardboard


Michael Wolke is a German designer who created these sculpural pentdant lamps out of old cardboard. The pendant lamps hang from the ceiling like the top half of a bee hive suspended in a room.

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Virtue of blue


Virtue of Blue is the work of the Dutch designer Jeroen Verhoeven that features of 500 butterflies cut from sapphire blue photovoltaic cells. The chandelier is made out of a hand-blown bulb and 4 different

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Eco lantern


This is Eco Lantern and is the perfect example of an object with a double purpose, ideal design in saving  manufacturing cost and materials. Franklin Gaw the designer, though of designing a lantern that could function

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Book Chandelier


Lucy Norman of Lula Dot is the designer behind these chandeliers made from old books.

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