Newspaper Sculptures by Nick Georgiou


New Yorker, Queens based artist  Nick Georgiou has come up with a way to transform waste newspapers into artwork. He has created countless numbers of three-dimensional sculptures made out of newspaper trash. The use of

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Hockenheimer stool


If you do not know what to do with your old magazines, here's a great idea coming from German designers NJU Studio. {C}{C}{C}{C}{cke_protected_1} With a little DIY and the help of a kit, you can

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More With Less


‘More With Less Arc Veneer Stool’ is the name. Lishuai Dong is the designer. Bented wood veneer, layered with old magazine paper, wraped together with rope. These are the matterials. The unique design is strong

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Comfy Cargo Chair


Stephan Schulz is the designer behind this Comfy Cargo Chair. And in case you do wonder, this chair is nothing but a 3D steel frame that let's you to do the stuffing.... A smart example

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Like a fairytale


Boston-based designer Ryan Novelline created this fairytale gown made out from pages taken from discarded children’s books.

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