French architect Clémence Eliard and artist Elise Morin created this CD Wasteland instalation. The designers used over 65,000 recycled CDs and form the 500sq.m Wastelandscape art installation at Paris’ Halle d'Aubervilliers. All CDs were hand

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Twisted Pencil


This is Twisted Pencil designed by Giha Woo. Twisted Pencil is a pencil vase made out of....pencils.... Using the writing utensil as its structural component the designer is trying to promote new aesthetics, considering the

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Shiner is a series of furniture made out of recycled industrial waste. The Atlanta based manufacturer takes scrap industrial materials destined for a landfill and turns them into furniture with a contemporary aesthetic. All steel

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A new series of furniture, the Rememberme furniture, is going to be launced by theItalian company Casamania and has been designed by German designer Tobias Juretzek. Each piece of furniture is made out of recycled,

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Fish Scales Plastic


Would you ever believe that the plastic cups shown above, are made from fish scales? Believe it or not, designer Erik de Laurens has come up with the idea; fish scales has become the novel

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The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree is a stool made out of used clothes. Korean designer Jongho Park’s Giving Tree Project, created in collaboration with Hyuckcheol Kwon, Injae Noh and Minuk Tak, raises awareness about the dangers of

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From plastic to gold


All that glitters is not gold.....Is discarded plastic bottles! Royal College of Art student Florie Salnot collaborated with Sandblast, a London-based nonprofit that works with the Saharawis of Algeria, to find a creative yet economic

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When nature calls


What is going on "When nature calls"? Eddie Gandelman got the inspiration and here's what she designed. This is a restroom made in pod format with 4 urinals on every pod. It seems like the

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A quick one


The 99 Bottles coatrack by Lina Eenartonyte-Auste is made by melting down old glass bottles. Inspired enough? via: design-milk

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If you are looking for stylish and environmental friendly home decoration, we have Giara lamp for you today. Chiara Goose Gustinelli of McGiver Creative Lab has designed this translucent pendant lamp that has been made

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