Literature vs Traffic


This June the Spanish art collective Luzinterruptus travelled to Australia and created a huge installation using thousands of glowing books scattered across Federation Square in Melbourne. The installation is titled "Literature vs Traffic" and was

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Is this a painting?


Have a closer look on Korean artist work Kim Yong Soo.... See? This is not a painting but installations made out of electronic circuits, semi-conductors, wires, acrylic cement, and yet they are not as clearly

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Washed Up


Alejandro Duran is a Mexico-born and New York based artist and the photographer of the Washed - Up series of photos. The artist “addresses the issue of plastic pollution making its way across the ocean

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Sand Vases


Bou-Toshi is a Japanese game. And is what inspired designer Yukihiro Kaneuchi who created these series of vases made from sand ad resin. The vases are made according to the principal of the game; First,

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Twisted Pencil


This is Twisted Pencil designed by Giha Woo. Twisted Pencil is a pencil vase made out of....pencils.... Using the writing utensil as its structural component the designer is trying to promote new aesthetics, considering the

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A new series of furniture, the Rememberme furniture, is going to be launced by theItalian company Casamania and has been designed by German designer Tobias Juretzek. Each piece of furniture is made out of recycled,

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The pencil shavings


Once upon a time, we had pencils..... Now we had computers.... But for those who insist with the tradition, here's an idea Kyle Bean had ....     This U.K. based illustrator and art director

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Scribble Pendant Lamp


256 pencils. That is how many pencils Jennifer Huang used to create her Scribble Pentand Lamp! Inspired by her classroom surroundings at the Edgewood Elementary School, the sculptural lamp is composed of a multitude of

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Hockenheimer stool


If you do not know what to do with your old magazines, here's a great idea coming from German designers NJU Studio. {C}{C}{C}{C}{cke_protected_1} With a little DIY and the help of a kit, you can

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If you are looking for stylish and environmental friendly home decoration, we have Giara lamp for you today. Chiara Goose Gustinelli of McGiver Creative Lab has designed this translucent pendant lamp that has been made

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