Edible Food Containers


Diane Leclair Bisson is giving vegetables and fruits a new purpose, transforming tomatoes into edible containers.The case is to become the container part of the snack rather that toss it in the trash. This project

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Shiner is a series of furniture made out of recycled industrial waste. The Atlanta based manufacturer takes scrap industrial materials destined for a landfill and turns them into furniture with a contemporary aesthetic. All steel

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A new series of furniture, the Rememberme furniture, is going to be launced by theItalian company Casamania and has been designed by German designer Tobias Juretzek. Each piece of furniture is made out of recycled,

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Fish Scales Plastic


Would you ever believe that the plastic cups shown above, are made from fish scales? Believe it or not, designer Erik de Laurens has come up with the idea; fish scales has become the novel

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Greenwork is a Sweedish company creating interior spaces with living plant walls.  But if an entire wall covered in vegetation is not viable in your space, the company now offers smaller options to fit your

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kup, the eatable cup


This is the kup, an eatable cup designed by SugiX for Smile Park. The japanese designer Sugi X creates mainly sustainable products. Manufactured with local knoweledge and grass roots, the Kup is not only a

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Virtue of blue


Virtue of Blue is the work of the Dutch designer Jeroen Verhoeven that features of 500 butterflies cut from sapphire blue photovoltaic cells. The chandelier is made out of a hand-blown bulb and 4 different

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Skin Collection


Leather scraps. This is what Pepe Heykoop used to cover this unique pieces of furniture of the Skin Collection. The designer used what was leftover from leather furniture companies to cover chairs The collection will

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Live screen


Brooklyn designer Danielle Trofe has invented a self-irrigating planter system that does the watering for you!

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Eden lamp


It glows and grows! It is Eden lamp and is been designed by Enzo Berti.

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