Environmentall art


Finnish based artist Jonna Pohjalainen, definitely draw some attention with this large scale art installation.

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Biknit chairs


Patricia Urquiola is a  Spanish architect and designer. And this is Biknit, a brand new and above all green series of  chairs and a chaise lounge for Moroso furniture manufacturers.

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Chair D.


A quick and smart for today! Chair D, designed by  Kako.KO Studio for Eurokancom, is a chair that folds down into stool.

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Cardboard city


After the container city we have to present you this life size cardboard city, created by Oupas Design in Portugal.

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How to fill a porthole


Yarnbombing or graffiti knitting or guerrilla knitting is a type of street art which employs colorful knitted cloths rather than paints or other matterials. Artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera decided to go with this technique and fill portholes and other

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Greenhouse by Joost


Greenhouse by Joost opened its doors few weeks ago at Cambells Cove, Sydney and it will stay there until end of March. After that, a world tour will begin for this  temporary restaurant. Got confused? Please

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Junktion Studio


Junktion Studio is coming from Israel, specifically from Tel Aviv. It is founded by a group of designers with one goal; to give second chance to what the city has already classified as junk.

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An object is no longer being used for its original purpose in life! That purpose has expired and I have recreated a beautiful 'something else'. These are the exact words of  Katie Thompson the founder

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