Recycled Glass Utensils


The 2008 Coldcuts collection by Laurence Brabant takes recycled wine bottles and turns them into serving ware and glasses. These designs from French designer, Laurence Brabant  use old bottles combined with cork and beech wood.  Those utensils

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Sonic Fabric


SONIC FABRIC, the invention of sound and conceptual artist Alyce Santoro, is a beautiful, audible, versatile textile woven from 50% polyester thread and 50% audiocassette tape recorded with intricate collages of sound. The sound compositions themselves

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Is this a painting?


Have a closer look on Korean artist work Kim Yong Soo.... See? This is not a painting but installations made out of electronic circuits, semi-conductors, wires, acrylic cement, and yet they are not as clearly

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Art from Trash


“We produce trash, are born from trash, and will turn back into trash" is a famous saying by great artist HA Schult. Born on June 24, 1939 in Parchim, Mecklenburg, Schult is a German conceptual

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Black Sofa built from Recycled Pallets


No, please, do not get offensed from what we wrote but, yes, this sofa is definitely rubbish since it is made from discarded wooden pallets. French Studio- aparte designed  “Woodstock”, this piece of furniture that

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The lilliputian lamp


How can a lamp made out of 20,273,260 dentist cups be a Lilliputian one? Well, quite easily. The Liliputian lamp is a fine example of upcycling. Or else how to transform abundant quantity of waste

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Manga Miniature Gardens


Manga Farming planter is really a piece of art. Japanese artist Koshi Kawachi recycles old comic books into miniature vegetable pots. Just plant  your seeds onto your favorite book page and wait.   Just like Jack

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Newspaper portraits


Gugger Petter, born in Denmark creates portraits out of newspaper that she views it as “a diary of our lives”. In that way she managed to transform a fragile material into something more solid and

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AluMosaics art


We have already seen people using aluminum cans in many ways and now it’s time to see another one, the “AluMosaics art”.  Well, Jeff Ivanhoe present us can mosaics made from countless aluminum cans.  In

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Creations even in the kitchen


Is there anyone that doesn’t use kitchenware? And a second question… How often does someone use kitchenware? The answer is that for the most of people it’s a daily habit to be involved with the

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