the (f)route POD

I do not know if I have mentioned it before, but I will go for camping weekend during mid July this year….

Though, my problem is that I really do not like camping at all….. Since I saw this!


Designed by Australian bamboo architecture specialists Giant Grass Design, the (f)route POD is a large, portable structure constructed from laminated woven bamboo strips to form an elegant, nature-inspired structure.


Comprised of eight leaf-shaped modules atop a platform of shipping pallets, the pod can be assembled by two people in around 45 minutes to create a semi-permanent space that can be used for “accommodation, studio,

[or] meditation space” or for “glamping.” (That’s ‘glamorous camping,’ for the uninitiated.)


Find out more for this glamorous camping structure here and wish me luck for this mid July weekend, which wont be in a tent like (f)route POD…



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