The green PET bottles

Need some summer inspiration for green DIY? We have something pretty and special for you today. Easy and green ideas for decoration and planting, using only PET bottles. What about these hanging vases? Just follow the Micasa instructions and here you go!

What about this vertical garden made out of recycled PET bottles? The idea was aired by the Argentinian tv show Lar doce lar (Home sweet Home. The show in collaboration with Brazilian designer studio Rosenbaum, helped a family of a mother and two daughters grow their own garden by using recycled PET bottles. What they do was to create a hanging garden by cutting a small portion of recycled PET bottle horizontally into a square and was used as a pot. In this pot soil and manure was mixed and a sapling of some vegetable was grown. Great ideas, aren’t they?

via : greendiary


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