The office Pond

Tough day in the office? Relax, don’t do it….. Escape…..Enjoy a moment at your office pond…..

If that sounded  right in your ears, then you work for  Bloomberg London…..

Putting their employees’ well-being first,  Bloomberg‘s London office wanted to give their workers a place to easily escape and relax, if even just for a moment.
Instead of  creating a dull break room, they commissioned design team Raw Edges to create the “Pond”…

The Pond is a curvy bench surrounding a collage of computer screens.
40 wooden pallets and 60 old computer screens from the trash of the Bloomberg office itself, were used to create this unique installation.
The screens display constant animation, including a fantastical child-like rendition of pond life; frogs are jumping from screen to screen, ducks are swimming, lily pads are floating by and all these under the sounds of birds and water ripples.

Please, please Bloomberg, hire me!!!!!!

(via: inhabitat)


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