The Printing Dress

This is the Printing Dress, a dress made out of paper, designed by Asta Roseway, a senior designer at Microsoft Research and Sheridan Martin Small of Xbox. Everything started with a moto; “you are what you tweet”. The paraphrase of the famous saying “you are what you eat”, has only one to show, the dramatical evolution of human communication. While constructed from materials of the past, the dress looks towards the future with a message indicating that we are entering into a new realm of social accountability, where you literally wear what you tweet. “To reflect the ubiquity of texting on the go”, the designers came up with the concept of a dress composed of a bodice, corset, a paper skirt and a custom keyboard intergrated on the bodice, that allows the wearer to send messages to a display. Read more, just click here!

via : ecouterre


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