The roof is on…..

On fire?

No, not exactly. The roof is on…. roots!

Here’s an idea coming from New York: Bus Roots.

Bus Roots started from  NYU graduate student Marco Castro Cosio, as a way to “reclaim forgotten space, increase quality of life and grow the amount of green spaces” in New York City.

The first prototype has been installed on the roof of the BioBus. It is the first bus with an extensive green roof system. It has been growing for five months travelling around New York City and as far as Ohio, so far.

According to Cosio, “if we grew a garden on the roof of every one of the 4,500 buses in the MTA bus fleet, we would have 35 acres of new rolling green space in the city”.

In other words, if all cities would grow a garden on their public transportation roofs, a whole park of Mobile  Bus Gardens would appear making our lives greener!


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