Things you can do with sawdust

This is “50% sawdust”, a project that evolved from the development of a new design method based on material research. It is comming from Kulla Design Studio based on Israel and is a combination of two different waste materials- wooden sawdust and plastic bags.

The project emerged from the studio’s desire to find new uses / purposes for sawdust and plastic bags. They joined plastic sawdust with wooden sawdust, creating a homogeneous mixture to create a new product, without the use of any adhesives.


The mixture of 50% sawdust and 50% of plastic, is been pressed into an aluminium mold and then baked.

The hit melts plastic that acts as glue and homogenises the mixture. The result is a firm and sound material that Kulla has developed it into a stool.


A new afterlife for waste? Something that we will see in the future. For now, enjoy Kulla stool.


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