Turning Apples Into Energy

Photographer Caleb Charland Wires Apple Trees, Fruit Baskets and Stacked Coins to Create Alternative Batteries. The artist fastens wires to fruit, coins,trees ,even vinegar  and anything else he can find    to create luminous installations, proving that alternative energy is all around us.


He brings the enthusiasm of a fifth-grade science fair participant to the world of large format photography, and reminds us that alternative energy can be found in all sorts of places.


The apple photograph (the first one and the video)  involved a nearly 11-hour setup as he carefully hammered 300 zinc-coated galvanized nails into apples (zinc reacts with acid in the apples creating electricity) and used copper wiring to transfer the current to a standard living room lamp.


Even then, the light was so dim it required a 4-hour exposure during which Charland fended off ravenous deer through the night with an impromptu shaker made from a tin can and wire nuts. The large-format photography of Caleb Charland  will be part of the group show There’s Something Happening Here this September in London at Brancolini Grimaldi


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