Upcycled Art and Fashion

People may not be at all familiar with the idea of upcycling as a lifestyle but  the artistic community and world of fashion has long been a proponent of “something from nothing.”  By creating works out of waste are showing the beauty that is present in the most mundane of things or one “man’s trash is another’s treasure”.

Our visit in M.K.G. one of the leading museums in Europe for art and design in Hamburg, will show you ways of making art and useful items from trash.
Our awarded designer 75,000€  from the Alfred Toepfer foundation a  European Foundation of Artists and Scientists is Katell Celebart.


She studied Art History at the Ecole du Louvre. In 1998 she opened her first shop for recycling fashion in Amsterdam (ART D’ ECO). Uses materials which are already available, packaging’s from New Zealand households, silk from India production surplus, felt leftover from the Soviet Army or old burlap bags from the German Federal Post.

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