This is upcycling! Washing machine drums into art installation

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is lighting up Portugal’s São João de Deus Street, for the sake of 2016 Saint Peter Festival. Teatro Metaphora, a Madeira-based NGO collected over a hundred landfill-bound washing machines and transformed the drums into beautiful and colorful hanging lights.


Dedicated to eco-friendly practices and upcycling

The installation has both visual and ecological meaning, and seeks to address the issue of responsible usage of resources and recycling


133 washing machine drums were found on the street, where they were put out as garbage, while others were donated by homeowners. The drums were cleaned, outfitted with colored lights, and hung over the street.


The installation was completed with the support of the local municipality, which recently began inviting local groups to design street decorations for the annual Saint Peter festival.
It’s so qute, isn’t it?




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