Vax Ev

Vax EV is an eco friendly vacuum designed by Jake Tyler a student of the U.K.’s Loughborough University in collaboration with ‘Vax’, the leading brand of vacuum cleaners in U.K.

Vax EV is claimed to be a high performance vacuum cleaner that is constructed out of recycled materials which can be further recycled and so do not heap up the landfills.

Corrugated cardboard panels create the body of the Vax Ev while the other components are made from a recyclable pure nylon plastic. The parts are also all designed to be easily ordered and replaced when needed. This vacuum has been created to influence people to think and go green. At the same time the corrugated cardboard and recyclable plastic will result in a very cheap production cost, saving consumers a lot of money. Love it!

(via: greendiary & tom’s style)


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