Vuvuzelas Recycled; make a difference not just noise

Ok, it is true.

Some people miss the excitement  of World Cup that took place this past summer. Almost all of us do not miss though the low drone of thousands of vuvuzelas on every tv.

Fortunately Matt Blitz and Shaun McCormack hated vuvuzelas before even the World Cup began. Let’s make a difference, not just noise, they  thought and WoZela emerged.

WoZela is a recent competition where individuals were asked to send their ideas for recycling of vuvuzelas. Now that the contest has wrapped, the organizers envision that local artisans can recreate all the designs and sell them to benefit the community.

The winner has just been announced and this colorful pair of earrings has proven to be a favorite. . Other bright ideas that came out of the competition are a table, a light fixture, a pot for plants and a vuvu shovel.

(source: InHabitat)


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