What to do with old Uniforms; Barcelona in Action

That was the number of bright green used uniforms the students of Elisava school in Barcelona received.

And since they were design students, they receive a brief as well;  what can you do with them?

A local waste collection and urban cleaning company, Urbaser, asked from Elisava’s students to design usefull products for the company’s employees out of their old uniforms. And all these under one condition; not to leave anything behind. The Elisava student’s present their work in an exhibition called “Dirty rags?: from uniform to object”.

Dragon Uniforms to Multifunctional objects to Use at home, even Tents for Kids parties were some of their creations.

All products were made by a local workshop that helps people to reintegrate society.

The point of the project though, was the understanding of the disassembly of the garments in order to turn them into new, long-lasting products, using everything from the different fabrics, zippers and buttons. The consideration for the end of life of these products, making sure that the new designs could be easily recycled again at the end of their useful life.

The show is open until December 22. Are you ready for a trip to Barcelona?

(source: the treehugger)


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