Pomada's recycled cardboard furnitures

This seems to be a “recycled cardboard week”!
So, just after the Cardboard City we have to present you these stunning furnitures made  from scrap cardboard tubes.

Industrial designers Antonela Dada y Bruno Sala discovered the potential that free, raw materials like cardboard can lend to their design process and products, during their studies at Buenos Aires Architecture and Design University.

So, just after their studies, the duo begin with their own company named Pomada. What they do is to create cardboard furnitures from 30 cm-wide cardboard tubes, which are cut and sanded before they slide into frames made from plywood or recycled OSB.

After the tubes are glued together, the product is covered with a clear hydro lacquer that preserves each piece.
Apart from being light, cardboard is foldable, recyclable, biodegradable and of course cheaper.
What an excellent recyclable way to furnish your home!

(via: greendiary & inhabitat)


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