Don’t throw it, Yiuco It!!

We all have bought things  that we do not  necessarily ever  need or like anymore, they don’t fit us, they  are out of  fashion or are spoiled, torn, damaged.
And this is were yiuco comes; Don’t throw it, Yiuco It!! we say!
Our motto urges to think a second time before trashing something as “useless”.
We all know the phrase: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What lyes beneith though?
Literally , one’s trash  is  valuable to a financially weaker because covers basic needs he is not able to. But metaphorically, means   that a ‘creative’ another  could be inspired  and find a unique beauty to them and create  either a piece of art.

What we are trying to do @ yiuco is to persuade people to view  materials and objects  in a different perspective.

To  become creative,  innovative  and explorative; new uses for objects, new objects from old materials and even new materials. Get inspired and become inventors!
Old fabrics, clothes, objects, furniture and even “waste” materials  we throw away, could be  redesigned, retransformed, reconstructed in order to meet today’ s esthetic and needs. We can   feel the joy of creativity, gaining  economic benefits, staring  from  the “cheap” raw materials  because  we already own  them, to money saving of   less waste disposal.
The overconsumption standards drived into this global crisis that we all live. But for sure make a lot people think again about the future. May be it is time to  think of an economy  based on reuse and recycling. Both our pockets and the environment will be the winners!



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