Ka Lamp

Making products that can be quickly disassembled for easier recycling is an important part of green design, and this wooden lamp by Daniel Garcia Sanchez is a good example of this. The parts in the picture above constitute the whole lamp, which requires no glues or screws of any kind to put together.

The lamp was created with simple materials such as beech wood and elastic cords, using a very basic assembly technique that, as A-Seis notes, refers to improvised constructions.

Apart from easy to recycle at the end of its life, it’s also modular, takes up little space, it’s easy to transport and it’s produced in short series with a small craft workshop. It doesn’t seem like the lightbulb is low consumption though, but it can probably be changed.

Although a lamp like this is going to last so long you’re not likely going to have to disassemble it for recycling any time soon, it’s interesting to see the use of such basic techniques in elegant products.
For more details, visit designer’s site.

(via : treehugger)


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