An object is no longer being used for its original purpose in life! That purpose has expired and I have recreated a beautiful ‘something else’.
These are the exact words of  Katie Thompson the founder of Recreate.


But what is Recreate anyway? Is a cutting egde interior design range ….


Katie is using pieces of discarded junk and is creating, or better REcreating, something new either furniture , lighting or interior accessory.

All new, recycled items holds  its own previous character but it’s been used with a new function.


All items are made by South African craftsmanship, with high end finishes and Katie’s eclectic perfectionist flair; the epitomy of  the very best of South African design.

Recreate is also specialize in redecorations, renovations and other services of  interior re-design.



For further information and more upcycled products, have a look on Recreate‘s web page….

You will definately find something to intrigue you…


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